Begin in Child’s Pose

During your child’s pose you can remain still, rock your head from side to side, thread the needle, or reach your hands off to the left (& right side) of your yoga mat for a side body stretch.

Repeat Cat & Cow as many times as you’d like

For Cat Pose, reach your tailbone down to the ground as you round your shoulders to the ceiling. Tuck your chin.

In cow pose, tilt your tailbone up towards the ceiling, reach your belly button towards the ground, draw your shoulders down & back, & lift your chin away from your chest.

You can flow between these two, add any movements that feel intuitive & delightful in your body. Sway your hips. Sway your shoulders. Move your head.

Next, you can enter into a downdog and stay here or move onto a forward fold

In your forward fold, create movement or stillness. Hands can plan on the earth or grab opposite elbow. Bend your knees as much as you’d like. Ask yourself, “How can I make this pose feel better?”

Thanks for checking out today’s pose!

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