Restorative Yoga & Myofascial Release Workshop

Restorative Yoga and Myofascial Release Workshop Date: January 14, 2024 Time: 4-6 PM Location: Firefly Cody In this restorative yoga and myofascial release workshop, you will learn how to use these two complementary practices to deeply relax, release tension, and improve your overall well-being. Restorative yoga is a slow-paced, gentle practice that involves holding poses…

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Good Dog Yoga Event with 307 Happy Dog in Cody, Wyoming

Good Dog Yoga Event in Cody, Wyoming Location: 307 Happy Dog Time: Friday, December 15th, 5:00p- 5:45 Cost/person: $20 Openings: We have 5 open spots I told myself for my 31st birthday, I’d embrace my nerdy dog-loving’ self…& that’s what I’m doing! I’m thrilled to announce that together with 307 Happy Dog were hosting “Good…

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